Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our September garden

Hellebores by the back door. Perfect for semi-shade. Very reliable hardy plants which I hardly need to look after. Gold star Hellebores! I got these at Camberwell Mkt a few years ago.

Rainbow chard explosion. We have three different colours, they are so cheerful and glossy, and tiny snails like to hide in the curls under each leaf. Take care to get le escargot off when washing. Also in this pic are my gorgeously fragrant freesias. I so adore freesias, I should plant more, I would love a field of them to inhale and admire. Broad beans aplenty to the right, they are such a no-brainer to plant around May. I am yet to try the red flowered variety, any one planted these before?

 An industrious bee indulging in the echium flowers. No matter how hard I try to prune this plant, it always wants to be extremely lop-sided. These plants remind me of the time just before Leo was born, I remember seeing echium flowers all over town when I was hugely pregnant. My neighbour has the iridescent magenta version, I might have to get a cutting from her.

 Native indigofera. Needs a serious pruning.

 A trillion flower buds on the blood orange. Fingers crossed some of them turn into fruit. It's amazing how plants respond to being fertilised; all I did was throw a handful of citrus food in the pot and water it in - hey presto, buds galore!

 Euphorbia going crazy, these plants are pretty weedy, I am always pulling them out of my vegie bed.

 Grape muscari, so tiny and perfect.                                                Blueberry flowers, soon-to-be yum!

Lastly my little lemon tree, we had our first winter of lemons, and it's such a treat to be able to pick them straight off the tree.

We have all been busy around here, Sam is working non-stop on new pieces for his October show in Sydney, so I've been running errands for him, successfully toilet-training Hazel, applying for grants for a 2013 project, ferrying Leo about to circus classes, partaking of lots of hot yoga, reading Game of Thrones, listening to Santigold, watching Call the Midwife, cooking and planning new projects.

Do tell what you've been up to!

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