Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making like a mofo

 Sampling some new things. Playing with old designs/materials and reinventing them. I will never get tired of circles!
 Sending samples of new things off to magazines in the hope of some press.

Every night I am at the kitchen table making work by incandescent light. Not my favourite, I prefer daylight, but I need to make the best use of my kid-free time. Here are some pinwheels on the go...
...and here they are finished. They've found new homes at Craft Vic, Five Boroughs and Klopper.

Thanks for the feedback regarding my previous post, I know it often appears that other people have it all, when we are probably all a bit guilty of painting the best possible picture of our lives, despite the mess and chaos.

We are battling coughs and colds brought home from daycare, interrupted nights with the small girl, last night we struck a deal that she would spend all night in her bed, lo and behold it worked!

I've got a few new projects on the boil which are very exciting, I'm also in full production for my little Christmas range, and I'm doing the Finders Keepers in early Oct, so it is full steam ahead!

1 comment:

Janine said...

Loving your work, as always!

Good luck with the 'press releases', sure you will get lots of interest!

Yay for deals and whole nights spent in own beds...

Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects, all the best for it all!