Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Sneeks

Time for a production run. Clear the bench and get methodical. Cut all the components and prepare to get miniature.
 Wow! I love to see flat pieces of leather taking on three-dimensions, I find it really satisfying, and get a bit happy in the studio, as you would have seen on instagram @emblueski

 A whole stack of vamps. A sandwich of vamps. I am loving this colour combo.

 Almost done, mudguards are stitched on, now time for the soles...

 At this point I often wish I had a post machine, but I was taught to turn uppers inside out to close certain stages. It's not that hard, and when I get to the end I feel a bit clever!

Voila, a tray of baby sneeks. Small, Medium and Large. Damn they are cute :)

I'm also doing a run in red/royal blue, they will all be at the Finders Keepers market on Oct 4/5 at the Royal Exhibition Building here in Melbourne town.

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