Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 I made another lot of the glasses cases last week, I love the florals theme and I just had enough blue felt to line them all. Here's the cracked vintage floral being fed through the skiving machine. I can also just see my Wind in the Willows cassette, which Hazel and I have been listening to in the studio, my parents used to play it to me as a child.

Ready to be closed up, my sewing machine is such a beast it can happily stitch through 10 ml of chunky leather and felt.

 Now to turn them the right way out, it's gonna be strenuous!

 Yep, it's really hard work, but I have strong hands and a few tools (chopsticks) to bag the corners out.

Ready to play show and tell at Finders Keepers!

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These cases are stunning and different to the common every day ones that are around
They are stunning do you sell them or are they for your own use