Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Fashion Week, Darlings Pt 2

Well the above text is obviously too small to read, so here's what's happening.

A touring exhibition, curated by Kate Rhodes and Craft Victoria, How You Make It explores artisanal fashion design practices that draw on traditional tailoring techniques to form contemporary collections.

Existing garments are deconstructed: unpicked, reconfigured and reworked, using fine tailoring and conceptual templates in order to create a new style of clothes. These conceptual Australian fashion designers open a dialogue between craft and design that places the focus back on how and why objects are made.

The designers in the exhibition create not only new garment forms and new ways of wearing clothes, they develop new design systems. How You Make It will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue, to be launched on the opening night.

The exhibition features new works by the following designers:

 Simon Cooper, Paula Dunlop, Ess.Laboratory (Hoshika Oshimi and Tatsuyoshi Kawabata), FORMALLYKNOWNAS (Toby Whittington, Anthea van Kopplen, MATERIALBYPRODUCT (Susan Dimasi and Chantal McDonald), Project (Kara Baker and Shelley Lasica) and S!X (Denise Sprynskil and Peter Boyd).

Exhibition open to the public: 6th March - 12th April 2008
Opening night: Friday 14th March, 2008, 6-8 pm
Guest Speaker: Karen Webster, Director, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

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