Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Fashion Week, Darlings

My awesome capoeira pal Ange has her fingers in many pies, the above flyer being one of her current projects.

'Fusing fashion, graffiti art and animation, this experimental new media performance will unleash Die Pretty's Winter 08 collection. This unique catwalk show, set against a stylised backdrop of super-cute digital graphics and virtual fashion, will take you on a mischievous adventure into the next dimension of style.
'Hosted by Horse Bazaar, one of Melbourne's premier new technology ventures, Stilettos in Cyber-Space will be screened with a cutting edge 8 projector setup. Illustrator Erika Jarvis, and media artist, Angela Barnett, have collaborated with fashion designer Rhea Amanda Brett, to produce this one off fashion experience that will entertain tech-heads and fashionistas alike.'

Sounds damn impressive, 3 creative ladies joining forces and doing their own thang. It's on at the aforementioned Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale St, Sat 8th March at 9pm and it's free!

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