Sunday, April 6, 2008


My babies are finished!

It's always the best feeling to get all the touch ups done, photos done, and then you can get them on your feet for the first time. As many makers know, the 'finishing' of any item is so frustrating and time consuming, and speaking for shoemaking, it's damn fiddly and there can be a lot of it. Sometimes when I make things for myself I cheat a bit, and leave a few things that I would finish to the nth degree for someone else.

I am also extra pleased that this week is getting to 28 degrees by Friday, so that I can give these marvellous wedges an outing. I have been a bit unsure as to what to call the style of this shoe, technically it's a mule, which means backless, but I have never been keen on that term. They could be a slide, but to me that signifies a flat shoe. I guess I have settled on calling them my Hong Kong wedges, the reference to HK being the shape of the sail and hull of a junk boat.

Walking in them is a new experience, I feel a bit like a Venetian lady teetering about on elevated chopines. All I can say is that the walking seems to be done from the toe, there is a big toe spring and I'm making the most of it.

I had to include a playing card somehow, to refer to the original below which was made for the Craft Vic window last Sept. The only place it could go was on the sock, which is the tasty detail I alluded to but kept secret a few posts back.

Yay, now there's room for something else on the list!

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