Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday morning

I'm completely stunned by blood oranges at the moment, can't get over that colour and flavour.
When Sam and I visited Italy years ago we drank so much blood orange juice, I always think of Florence when I cut one open.

Sunday morning after a warm night, I'm slowly getting into the day. I've been a bit over-zealous with capoeira this week, and running (I can manage 6kms now), and trying to get my upper body strength up, but the weariness is well-earned.

Still in my jarms with Lady Grey in Limoges, soaking a few pot-plants in the bucket of shower water, the boy's watching Shaun the Sheep and we are preparing to go to the open day at the Bot Gdns. There's nothing as good as letting the kid off the leash, choosing our own adventure on all the paths, and checking out the greenery. Plus Laurel and co are doing an outside broadcast of Dirty Deeds there, from 12-2 on 102.7 FM, as if you could listen to anything else on a Sunday.

I've managed to do a whole lot of work this week, thanks to Sam's schedule easing. I'll post some pics of my Eureka moments, and I'll try to do an On My Desk this week.

Listening to: Dexter Gordon - Darn that Dream

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Unknown said...

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Ciao, Alfredo