Saturday, January 21, 2012

It is done!

Yes, I'm behind the times, colour-coded books is so 2011.

But I always come to things in my own time, and after many months lamenting the mish-mash appearance of books-by-genre, I'm much happier with this view.

How do I find the book I'm after? Well I have a photographic memory, and so I just see the spine and know where to find it. I've re-discovered a few gems too, and have ditched a lot of dust jackets in favour of the colour underneath.

It's funny to notice what colours are on the spines, who is in charge of that decision? I'm happy that there are so many green and yellow spines in my collection, bored by all of the black and white, particularly loving the gold and silver. 

1 comment:

dell said...

I think of you when I do my rainbow posts – I know you share the love. So pleasing to see things organised this way!