Monday, January 30, 2012

My beloved Sam

Sam's work has been at the India Art Fair this past week, enthralling the vast crowds and generating a lot of press.

It's no secret that he works DAMN hard on everything he creates, and we are often caught in the last-minute chaos of primping and packing.

The baby and frogs, called Small Things, is his most recent work, and is so beautiful in all its plump skin textures and contours. When Hazel first saw it she went nuts, animatedly talking about 'baby baby baby'.

Turns out that someone special was also captivated by it, and so we say goodbye to another piece.

Hurrah for art! And for babies and green frogs - what a combo!

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Emma,
I have had a lot of fun looking at your blog, it's been too long! Congratulations to Sam for his breathtaking work, and goodbye baby -- how strangely hard and great that must simultaneously feel.
Your colour coded books look fantastic, and for a lover of colour spectrums, really there can't be any other way can there?