Saturday, February 4, 2012


 A hot Saturday in Melbourne town......

....... includes an excursion to Readings, Leo gets a 'How Machines Work' book, complete with cogs, gears and gizmos. All of his favourite things. I get a colouring/doodling book, I feel the need for some limbering up in the drawing department, and I have always loved colouring in, especially with crayons.

Chamomile - please plant some of this as soon as you can, it smells like bubblegum and is so darn cheerful. I dry the flower heads and make tea, but be warned - they are very potent!

Beloved Mohop sandals, I am also sporting a matching stripy singlet and feel very Jean Paul Gaultier, minus the French accent.

I have been repotting a few things this week, as my hanging baskets have been crying out for a bit of attention. This fuschia and spiderplant are now much happier with more room to grow, and with the addition of a green crocheted rope daisy I made last year, I feel like an attentive gardener (it won't last - I am really a lazy, neglectful gardener!)

Hazel likes nothing better than a 'wash', as she calls any sort of water. She is also quite partial to shrieking at ear-splitting volumes, how long is that meant to last? It is freaking excruciating. Damn these girl children and their vocal ranges!

Speaking of female vocals, our soundtrack of the day has been Lauryn Hill circa 1998, and Amy Winehouse circa 2004.

Hope that your Saturday is creative and/or inspiring. I have an evening of tax receipts ahead of me, which is a reminder of how running a business can be very anti-social, I need a date night with Sam!

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