Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grain and Gram

Thanks to Dudecraft I found out about Grain and Gram - The New Gentleman's Journal. They are not a blog-a-day types, but when they press 'publish' it is always a long, nutritious read. The other day I clicked over to immerse myself in the studio and practice of Jason Gregory of Makr, who designs and makes custom leather goods for discerning folk.

I can't do justice to the interview with my current weary-morning-brain, but if you read my blog because you like handmade products with integrity and deluxe processes, then please visit the Grain and Gram folk, and bookmark them for future reading and inspiration.

Here's some footage of the Makr studio, I think I have a crush on all of these blokes - bearded tattooed skateboarders with cylinder-arm walking-foot machines :)

Grain & Gram: Jason Gregory, Designer from Grain & Gram on Vimeo.


dell said...

I saw you and your hi-vis bike yesterday, though it was too late to ding my bell. I love that wheel weaving and need to do something similar.

Unknown said...

Oh my yes! I think I have a cruch on them too! Loving thier style. And the beards!