Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last week

 Got very familiar with good old blanket stitch. I finished the Owls, glued on some eyes which make them look a bit stoned, and discovered that I need glasses for fine up-close work. Ageing how I love thee!

 Indoor and outdoor plants going gangbusters here, the fiddle leaf fig in the lounge is my pride and joy, while outside the lemon tree has flowers galore, it's amazing what a bit of fertiliser will do!

 Framed a few Dick Bruna stamps from Japan, thanks Jo!

 Wondering how much mess is too much? Sam is on a minimalist streak, while I seem to pile papers up everywhere. This view is at my inside desk where I do my day-job, I made the plastic hanging pockets years ago and they just get more and more stuffed with ephemera.

A peek over to the mantel covered in old tins filled with embroidery threads and ribbons, and a photo of my Grandpa George in his horse racing days.

I promise there will be more making this week, I have finished a whole lot of time-consuming media monitoring, reading about cruise ships and coal seam gas, yawn!

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